Leute kennenlernen tübingen

leute kennenlernen tübingen

The module handbook is a mystery to you?

leute kennenlernen tübingen studenten kennenlernen bonn

And the examination regulations aren't any better? You don't know who's the right contact person for your problem? You want to do voluntary work, meet new people or make a change at your uni?

leute kennenlernen tübingen

Just like you, we are students at the English Department: Being "Fachschaftler" means to voluntarily engage for other students leute kennenlernen tübingen our university and have tons of fun besides. Why we're here: Ed, Master Student representation in the institute's council of the English Department Student representation in the council of leute kennenlernen tübingen Humanities Faculty Participation in choosing leute kennenlernen tübingen professors Organisation of freshers events: Events like waffle sales, BBQ, Christmas parties, kostenlose tomtom updates crawls, movie nights, Mediation between student and lecturer interests In the leute kennenlernen tübingen, the student representatives have the same right to vote, speak and ask as any other member!

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You can always come to one of our meetings if you'd like to know more. The regular date for this term summer is Wednesday, 8 pm in or on the Liegewiese - you'll find us ; All news will be published on our notice board in the entry hall of the Brechtbau and online here, on Facebook and Instagram, see right sidebar.

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