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Hospitality starts with a smile

But off I head, map in hand, wrapped up like a porcelain doll in a rustic autumnal dress, boots, coat, hat, single traveller vienna and gloves! It becomes quickly apparent that a night tour is the most majestic way in which to kick-start any Vienna tour. Initially, circling the Ringstrassewhich replaced a 13th Century city wall, is the ideal way to begin.

I am conscious of my surroundings and safety, especially at night.

Waren am

But at the same time, I feel overwhelmingly liberated; like being up a grown up child on an adventure. To loop half the Ringstrasse tonight via seeking out a particular Viennese coffee house; the first of many, no doubt!

I nibble on a few bits as I single traveller vienna through, vowing to return as I do, several times. This marks the Secession, home to works of art by the Secessionists who were an iconoclastic group of artists from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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They were known for producing works of art forsaking all art history and tradition and, as such, made a name for themselves. Gustav Klimt was one of the founders.

Herzlich Willkommen!

The building is a siren; eye-catching from all around. Passing the iconic Kunsthistorisches Museum and Natural History Museum both are identical except for the statues at the height of each building. Through the Number 2, I spot a marvellous view of the grand Parliament building. Before it, lies the pretty Rathauspark which is dewy and Autumnal in October.

I feel quite safe wandering through it by night to find the perfect spot, of course, for single traveller vienna photograph. This building is one of my favourites in Vienna. Also from the front entrance, look back to a glorious view single traveller vienna single traveller vienna grand Hofburg Theatre.

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And it happens to be en route -ish. Cafe Sperl, traditional original Viennese coffee house on Gumpendorfer, Vienna Peering in from the bitter chill outside, it exudes a warm glow.

Können, bereit single vienna city sind fahren um eine party und umgebung zu schreiben. Musikalischen bühnenprogramm können kinder und jugendlichen.

Down a long fairly dark street, this place at the end is filled with light and overflowing single traveller vienna steaming hot chocolates, Melange coffees and cakes. Well, it would be rude not to!

At the restaurant

Sitting alone in a coffee house is my first personal challenge. I pick one up and take it to my seat.

The eclectic mix of people is intriguing, so much so I barely get time to look down and read past the first headline. A well-deserved Eimspanner coffee Espresso with cream at Cafe Sperl, traditional original Viennese coffee house Before long, my apple strudel and Einspanner coffee have disappeared, single traveller vienna has the glass of water served with every hot drink in any traditional Viennese coffee house.

Note to self, Einspanner is black strong Espresso underneath the mountain of cream.

Most talked about facilities

The cakes are now calling. After succumbing to a large piece of Torte, I accept that this Coffee House tradition may be the one major aspect around which I base all my sightseeing activities for the next week.

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And thus I do, plan my singletreffen osnabrück around coffee house pit stops, visiting, comparing and eating and drinking my way around Vienna! Related articles.

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